This wiki uses a "strike" policy. Yeah.... like the ones from kindergarten XD! Well, 3 strikes = 1 week ban. 6 = 1 Month, and so on.

Harassing other users is NOT acceptable. You will be given a warning. Do not attempt to make any explicitly sexual questions. This wiki is about Answers. Not actual pages on characters, so any of those pages will be deleted. Vandalism is also not allowed, as normal. You may also request a block, using the following code.
|Intended Blockee

Making blocks for stupid reasons will also get you a strike.

Adminship will only be awarded if....

  • Admin has edited/answered 1,000 Times
  • Admin has not attempted to vandalize
  • Admin is respectful to other users

Request using this:

|join date=
|number of edits=
|asked questions=
|other =
|why you deserve it=
|wanted position=